Military Retailer Fact Book

If you're looking to expand sales in the $21 billion military resale system, then advertising in the Military Retailer Fact Book is a must! You'll reach and influence resale executives, buyers, merchandisers and store personnel with impact throughout the year!

The annual Fact Book places "the world of military retail at your fingertips." It's loaded with over 200 pages of valuable information and statistics on each of the resale systems. Individual chapters includes:

Market Demographics                        Broker and Distributor Resources

HQ Directories                                    Buyers' Guide

Store Sales and Contacts                  Express Store and Mini-Mart Lists

$ Million Vendor's Lists                     Class VI and Package Stores

….and much, much more!

The Military Retailer Fact Book has become the single best source of resale information available. Its user-friendly format with readily accessible data, easy-to-read charts and accurate statistics has made it the “go to” guide for everyone from headquarters, to regions to store level personnel—the exact audience advertisers want to reach!

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