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Hottest Topics Affecting Military Retail
Military Retailer  is dedicated to publishing the most relevant, useful and thought provoking magazine in the ever-changing military resale system. Our Cover Stories and Features delve into issues and topics that are especially important to this unique market. Whether it's a change in leadership, a shift in policy or a new consumer trend that's making an impact,   Military Retailer's  team of writers and contributors will dig into the topic, do the research, interview the specialists and deliver editorial that matters most to our readers.   Military Retailer magazine makes a difference!”
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Military Retailer Interviews with Top Resale Executives

Every issue of Military Retailer magazine features a View from the Top interview with one of the top “movers and shakers” in military resale. View from the Top spans the entire scope of resale executives with major representation from the directors of sales, marketing and merchandising. View from the Top provides a non-official platform for key resale executives to communicate what the community needs to know about new initiatives and strategies that are underway and alerts industry to any changes in policies or procedures they should know about. Military Retailer connects our readers with leaders at the top!

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Special In-Depth Look at Hot Product Categories

Moving product is what retailing is all about and each issue of Military Retailer magazine includes an in-depth look at how specific product categories are performing. Military Retailer magazine goes right to the source---the military buyers themselves---for updates, trends, product introductions and more. Every issue is balanced with a spotlight on grocery categories and exchange products so there is new and updated information for every audience we serve. Over the course of the year, most every major product category is covered so our readers know how their store and category is trending. Military Retailer's Category spotlights let's you know what's hot and what's not.

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Commissary and Exchange Industry News, Tips and Inside Information

Checkout, the very first editorial section of Military Retailer magazine is where readers turn to for industry news, topical updates and specialized information they may not find elsewhere. Checkout includes a wide variety of news about: personnel changes; executive assignments; store openings and renovations; awards; vendor innovations and much more. Military Retailer keeps readers “in the loop” with Checkout in every issue!